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Our vision is to help business grow through provided training and marketing strategies tailored to each client.


To provide robust set of tools and training with best of class services to promote small and medium businesses.

Helping you grow.

Our services give you the tools needed to help you grow your business.

Services and Tools


Logo creation, graphic design to create an aesthetic look across all marketing channels.


Marketing products that help prospects find your business online. 
Tools include Funnel Marketing, Directory Power listing, Social Media Marketing, as well as Review Management to help gain website traffic.


Tailored marketing solutions focused in a community to drive local traffic to you. Tools include local advertising, print media, and network marketing.


Hosting local business mixers, workshops, and seminars, we give small businesses ability to connect with others in the local community and establish referral business.

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Other Specialized Tools

Email Marketing

Grow audiences, increase loyalty and drive business with online email marketing. We help you engage subscribers or target an audience with compelling call-to-action emails. We produce measured results to get the most out of your next email campaign.

Developing data-driven direct mail and marketing campaigns for businesses with targeted accuracy. We work with existing lists or work to get relevant targeted demographics to get you greater results.

We can also send through EDDM
USPS® Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) is an affordable targeted advertising technique that lets you map your marketing mail through the United States Postal Service ("USPS”). It allow you to target 100% saturation of carrier routes within ZIP Code without specific names and addresses on the sending mail pieces.

Print Media

We provide special pricing for print media such as brochures, sale sheets, business cards, postcards and customized print materials. We can also produce signage such as banners, posters, and window graphics.

Automated Telemarketing

The nation's fastest growing provider of Exclusive Live Transfer Leads and is specifically engineered to exceed the growing demands of many different industries. Unlike several of our competitors within the Live Transfer industry, we use our own state-of the-art technology and resources to deliver hot leads right to your phone. Whether we are providing the highest quality live transfer lead to a mortgage company or providing live voice transfer services to a professional real estate office, our knowledgeable staff will help you decide which program will best suit your company’s needs.

Church Store

One of our first ventures was church design and print. We have grown this venture to provide custom flyers and design templates to over 200 churches nationwide.

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