Direct Mail

Who's Concerned About Direct Mail and Why You Should Pay Attention

In our current technologically minded society, it can seem like direct mail marketing is now an outdated practice. However, traditional advertising strategies such as direct mail and advertising is turning into one of the utmost effective techniques. Possessing direct mail therefore for your promotion activities would be a benefit to your company.

Whether it's direct mail, door-hangers, newspaper inserts, flyers in local businesses or some other technique of distribution, it is critical to find out the best method to reach the biggest audience. A direct mailing service is thought to be among the most effective methods to spread your message with minimal effort.

Direct mail advertising isn't a new trend in advertising but it's one that can be overlooked by small businesses. Direct mail is truly a very simple advertising and marketing tool which lets you communicate straight to your target customers.

Direct mail marketing and advertising is an inexpensive yet strong promoting tool. Postcards and brochures are an ideal solution to create interests in specific products or services that people want and gives you the ability to tell your story.

One very significant role direct mail plays first and foremost is branding. It allows you to convey your story to your customer and prospects without interruption. Not to mention, it also gives a customer a tangible touch of your business.

Secondly, it puts you one step ahead of your competitors by giving you an opportunity to make a personal connection and establish long lasting relationships.

Thirdly, you have the ability to pinpoint a specific group of people that may be interested in your products and services. Mailing lists can be based on demographic details and factors that are tailored for your business.

Let Us Help You

SCF Graphics provides developing data-driven direct mail and marketing campaigns for businesses with targeted accuracy from start to finish. We work with existing lists or work to get relevant targeted demographics to get you greater results. 

Custom Advertising For Your Business!

It’s Targeted
Choose the location, then select age, gender, income, and type of
household you'd like to target. "Want to get even more specific? Choose
from a wide range of custom lists for pinpoint accuracy in reaching your
best customers."
It’s Personalized
Tailor the message and choose when you want to deliver it.
It’s Measurable
You can monitor the response to your offer and make adjustments to
future mailings to enhance your ROI.
It’s Simplified
We take the work out of designing, printing, and mailing cards that you
can have custom designed. You reap the benefits of high-quality images,
copy, production and targeted lists for one competitive price.
It’s Timely
Choose your delivery schedule, with the convenience of flexible monthly,
weekly, or daily drops.
It’s Convenient
Prefer to do it yourself? Our self-serve site (
offers the same great products and more, with next-day turnarounds...
while still offering helpful support when you need it.



What is EDDM?

USPS® Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) is an affordable targeted advertising technique that lets you map your marketing mail audience within a local zip code. It allows you to target 100% saturation of carrier routes within ZIP Code without specific names and addresses on the sending mail pieces.  It can be designated to canvas a region and target residential or business addresses. Postage rates range .16 to .18 cents. Although this alternative reduces postage rates, it is limited in targeting an audience.