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Exclusive Live Transfer Leads

We are the nation's fastest growing provider of Exclusive Live Transfer Leads and are specifically engineered to exceed the growing demands of many different industries. We use state-of the-art technology and resources to deliver hot leads right to your phone. Whether we are providing the highest quality live transfer lead to a mortgage company or providing live voice transfer services to a professional real estate office, our knowledgeable staff will help decide which program will best suit your company’s needs.

If your company is still relying on paper leads originated on the Internet, you could be throwing away thousands of dollars every month on recycled leads being sold to your company as "exclusive".

Every time you receive a Live Voice Transfer from our partners at Your Direct Source, Inc. you can be confident that the prospect on the other end of the phone is a real time, Exclusive, live person that is truly interested in your services.
That's what we mean by "Real Prospects, Real Time, with Real Results."

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Mortgage Leads
By far, one of most popular lead services is our mortgage lead live transfer program designed for small, mid-size and large mortgage brokerage houses. Using our live transfer technology we can implement a press one or message drop campaign that can have your loan originators on the phone with mortgage prospects within minutes from the start of your campaign. These mortgage leads are always exclusive to your office and each campaign uses data sets for geo-targeting that you have full control over.

Using live transfers mortgage leads as a means of developing a solid mortgage origination pipeline is extremely cost-effective and one of the most efficient methods of quickly developing Geo Targeted mortgage leads. Get started today and put your closers back to work making you money!

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Working with one of the nations fastest growing live transfer firms can maximize your revenue and minimize the cost of new client acquisition. Whether you're looking to develop a pipeline of exclusive mortgage leads or your firm is wanting to prospect high value Debt Settlement Leads, we have the expertise and the technology to deliver

Real Prospects, Real Time with Real Results!

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